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Our Legacy Society recognizes and honors our most dedicated supporters who are helping to ensure a brighter future for red pandas with a gift in their estate plans. We are deeply grateful for their generosity and commitment to conservation.

We invite you to join the Red Panda Network Legacy Society

As a Legacy Society member, you will:

  • Know that your gift today will help conserve red pandas through community-based programs.
  • Be recognized as a member of the Legacy Society.
  • Stay informed on our work through the RPN eNewsletter.

How to Join


Become a member of our Legacy Society by including Red Panda Network in your estate plans. If you are considering a bequest, we can provide sample gift language for your will or living trust.

We offer restricted and unrestricted planned gifts so you can provide general support of our mission or you can direct your donation to a specific program. We also offer two-pronged contributions where a portion of your gift is designated for current use and the remaining will be earmarked as a planned gift.

Please tell us about your plans so that we can thank you and ensure your gift makes the impact you intend.  If you have any questions about including Red Panda Network in a bequest or other planned gift please contact us:

(877) 854-2391 Ext. 101.

Red Panda Network is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with an office in the US at 494 W 10th Ave Suite #7 Eugene, OR 97401. Tax identification number 26-1103671

Meet our Legacy Donors

Alexandra Watkins

I am so grateful for the Red Panda Network and that I am able to make a legacy gift to them in my estate plan.

I fell in love with red pandas in 2003 when I first laid eyes on these beautiful creatures at the Taronga Zoo on the shores of Sydney Harbour in Australia. I was instantly charmed by their kitten-like faces, cinnamon-red fur, and fluffy ringed tail. The Taronga Zoo has the best breeding record in the southern hemisphere for red pandas, with 44 cubs born there since the program started in 1977!

I was lucky to see red pandas again, this time on a trip to Chengdu, China. I spent a day at the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, which is home to 76 red pandas. (I wish I had seen that many!) Seeing these fire foxes so close to their natural habitat has been a highlight of my world travels to 50 countries.

Now I get to see red pandas on a regular basis at the world-famous San Diego Zoo, which is just 15 minutes from my home in Pt. Loma. Recently, with the return of the giant pandas to China, the red pandas now occupy that larger enclosure, which has much more room for climbing, as well as two viewing levels for visitors. I love seeing the look of delight on the faces of people encountering them for the first time like I did all those years ago in Sydney. I’m glad the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance supports the Red Panda Network. This endorsement confirms to me that my legacy gift will go a long way.


Alexandra is a best-selling author and owner of a branding firm!

Debbie Townsend

I've always loved red pandas since I saw one at Chester Zoo many years ago.

I was even lucky enough to enjoy a feeding experience at Paradise Wildlife Park a few years ago for a close-up encounter! 

I always look forward to the newsletters and watch the Youtube videos of the rainforest guardians and projects/workshops undertaken.

Red Panda Network is listed in my legacy as I'm confident the funds will be put to good use.


Alexander Brown

In memory of Alexander Brown and his loving mother who shared some words about her son: "Alex was a kind and compassionate young man who had a great love of animals and nature. He studied Animal Management at Sparsholt College near Winchester. It was here that he developed a love of red pandas after being involved in their care. Alex would have been so interested and impressed by the amazing work of your charity in the conservation of wild red pandas and their environment, and in your fight against the poaching and illegal trade in these highly endangered animals. I only wish that he would have had the opportunity to get involved himself. I know that it would have meant so much to him!"


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