Visit Red Pandas — Make A Difference For The Planet

February 13, 2020 / 5 mins read
Visit Red Pandas — Make A Difference For The Planet

Jennie of the Jungle and RPN are teaming up to provide a Himalayan adventure with global significance.

Red Pandas. Travel. Conservation. Community. Can you imagine finding all of those in one experience? That’s exactly what I knew I’d discovered when I first heard of Red Panda Network (RPN) and Jennie of the Jungle’s new partner trip kicking off in October 2020!

It’s inspiring and positive in a world often full of disjoined negativity. So I’m literally counting my vacation days to see if I can join.

RPN ecotrips are specially designed to educate about red pandas; to create tailored experiences for viewing this endangered species while preserving their habitat and to cultivate a small community of travelers immersed in local people and culture. Yet, what about the global perspective? That’s where this new partnership with Jennie provides context and creates a unique travel proposition!

“What do you want to do for your planet?”

This is Jennie’s motto and I love it. It’s empowering. It reminds me that each of us—and each of our decisions—makes an impact on planet Earth, and while that negativity sometimes feels so overwhelming; what if we could view these as opportunities? Jennie, wildlife biologist and founder of Jennie of the Jungle, has done just that. Jennie has strong convictions about the ethics of both conservation and travel, and that’s why she created a volunteer-based travel company with all the trips guided by Jennie herself from start to finish!

“The chance to see a rare, endangered species like the red panda is truly special”.

Jennie of the JungleJennie of the Jungle

From her childhood, Jennie grew up in extreme poverty, and travel was something she never imagined. Now, that’s her business! From Costa Rica to Africa, Jennie’s trips bring people close to the wildlife and intimately connect the ecological, social and cultural diversity of this planet. And, she knows how great of a responsibility this brings, illustrating her outstanding character. Eventually, Jennie’s goal is to be able to sponsor at least one volunteer trip for an underprivileged person each year. She believes that we “have to keep fighting for the future of our planet and everything that lives here.”

“Many of our partners work to benefit local economies or offset carbon emissions from travel. We only work with legitimate and ethical wildlife organizations so volunteers can be sure that they are making a real and positive difference in the lives of animals…We make a difference, while making memories that last a lifetime.”

Jennie of the Jungle adventure in Africa.Jennie of the Jungle adventure in Africa.

Red panda cubs during RPN ecotrip in Nepal. Photo: James Houston
Red panda cubs during RPN ecotrip in Nepal. Photo: James Houston

This inherent belief is what created the partnership between RPN and Jennie from the start. RPN’s ecotrips are community-based and eco-centric. Their intentional design focuses on excellent experiences that raise funds for red panda conservation in a way that directly benefits the local economy. Jennie realized that this philosophy was “right up her alley”, plus, she says that “the chance to see a rare, endangered species like the red panda is truly special”.

So special, in fact, that this team will be traversing some of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the world, and alongside Jennie, you could see your first red panda in the wild! Join us on October 15-23, 2020 for an opportunity to experience the Himalayas, alongside the local RPN team, plus, with an experienced wildlife biologist, photography-lover, and travel expert, Jennie of the Jungle!

Joy Marsalla
Red Panda Network