The Tale of Parco Natura Viva and the Red Panda Tail!

October 22, 2013 / 5 mins read
The Tale of Parco Natura Viva and the Red Panda Tail!

Here is the inspirational tale of how Parco Natura Viva, a wildlife park in Bussolengo, Verona, Italy, engaged the public and raised over 2000 Euros on behalf of red panda conservation during a year-long campaign celebrating this dynamic species.

First, the zoo conducted a public survey via social media channels, which determined that the red panda is the most loved animal at the zoo! Che bello! Capitalizing on that discovery, the zoo featured the red panda in the guidebook distributed to visitors as they enter the park. This guidebook describes the collaboration between Parco Natura Viva and Red Panda Network, and highlights the zoo’s red panda exhibit to draw in more visitors!

RPD 2013

But Parco Natura Viva didn’t stop there. Next, they wrote, designed and published a children’s book about the endangered species, starring a young red panda who talks with other Asiatic animals about their tails. A Ciascuno La Sua Coda (“To Each his Own Tail”) is beautifully illustrated and features a highly readable font designed to help children with dyslexia or those who are lazy readers. Fact sheets about Asiatic species are also included.

Red Panda Cartoon

Red Panda 2

Finally, on September 14th, Parco Natura Viva held a workshop for teachers on red panda conservation as well as a fundraiser where supporters were led on a night tour of the park. Red Panda Network received over US $2,600 dollars from Parco Natura Viva and their Year of the Red Panda! We deeply appreciate their support and commitment to saving red pandas.

Parca Natura Staff

Campagna 2013

Please check out Parco Natura Viva at and let them know if you appreciate all they have done on behalf of red panda conservation!

Italian readers interested in purchasing this educational and delightful book should contact the zoo via their website.

Viva Italia! Viva il Panda Rosso!