Red Panda Zookeepers Worldwide: Join Our Naming Contest!

July 20, 2014 / 5 mins read
Red Panda Zookeepers Worldwide: Join Our Naming Contest!

Red Panda Network commemorates International Red Panda Day (IRPD) every year on the third Saturday of September. We are roughly 60 days out from our 5th Anniversary celebration of IRPD, which takes place September 20 this year, worldwide! And this year, in light of all you do to breed and nurture this adorable species in captivity, we pass the torch to you to name the campaign slogan for this special anniversary occasion!

We hope you will have fun with this and we are offering a special reward for the zookeeper who comes up with the winning slogan! Please review the guidelines and post your suggestions in the Comments section below. Let the competition begin!

IRPD Naming Guidelines:

  • Keep in mind that IRPD is celebrated worldwide! The slogan should make sense to our international audience
  • Please aim for a slogan that addresses the fact that this is a Vulnerable species
  • If we end up with a slogan that honors the in situ work RPN is achieving in Eastern Nepal, that’s a home run!
  • The slogan should be short and sweet, not too wordy (for practical reasons such as Tweets!)
  • There is no limit. You may submit multiple slogans!
  • Deadline is July 29th.

IRPD Nepal Banner

Here is a list of the slogans from previous years to aid your brainstorming:

2013: “There is no excuse for Red Panda Abuse.”
2012: “Save Red Panda and its Habitat”
2011: “Save Red Panda: Promote eco-tourism in the eastern Himalaya

Prize for the Winning Slogan:

The winning slogan gets 2 really cool prizes:

One commemorative IRPD 5-Year Anniversary baseball cap with the adorable logo you see to the right AND …

One 15-minute personal Skype call with our Program Manager- Mr. Damber Bista, who was recently awarded withDisney Conservation Hero 2013. (Time slot for this call will be based on mutual availability for both your schedule and our Nepal office hours).

Topic for the conversation? Q/A regarding our in situ work of course!

Damber Bista

Thank you and Good Luck! The red pandas are counting on you to make it good!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via social media channels or via our mailbox at

Need ideas? Check out About the Red Panda pages on our website.
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