Red Panda Cubs at Hamilton Zoo Have New Names!

September 30, 2015 / 5 mins read
Red Panda Cubs at Hamilton Zoo Have New Names!

We are delighted to share the new names of the red panda cubs at the Hamilton Zoo! The winning name for the female cub is: Jamuna (gained 50% of the votes) and the winning name for the male cub is: Tenzing (gained 58% of the votes). Jamuna is a famous destination for sighting the red panda and Tenzing is the name of a famous Nepalese Sherpa who was first to scale Mount Everest!

Many thanks to our supporters and to the children at the Shree Rastriya Lower Secondary School, which is also located in Jamuna of eastern Nepal, who came up with the beautiful and traditional Himalayan names.

Samantha KudewahSamantha Kudewah

Students of Shree RastriyaStudents of Shree Rastriya Lower Secondary School

Red Panda Network would also like to thank the Hamilton Zoo for helping to organize the cub naming contest and especially acknowledge the zoo’s late curator, Samantha Kudewah, who suggested to include the children in Nepal for the selection of names. Samantha passed away the day after International Red Panda Day, and lived to celebrate the cubs new names. May Sam rest in peace.

Red Panda Network will use the $500 in funds raised during the contest for a variety of red panda conservation education activities for the children:

1. 4 Red Panda Bulletins will be published for the school district ($75)

2. 10 dust-free white boards and markers will be provided to the school ($250)

3. RPN will facilitate a mini eco trip to red panda habitat for the students of Red Panda Roots and Shoots Group ($125)

4. RPN will coordinate an Inter-school quiz contest on the occasion of International Red Panda Day Celebration ($50).

Thanks again to all who participated in the Hamilton Zoo Red Panda naming contest. The kids in Nepal are so excited to have participated in the naming of the cubs!

Children of the Red Panda Roots and Shoots

[Photo above] On a recent visit, Red Panda Network Conservation Coordinator, Sonam Tashi Lama, and the children of the Red Panda Roots and Shoots Group at Shree Rastriya Lower Secondary School of Jamuna-8, in Ingla, Ilam, made the initial selection of cub names for the Red Panda Network Cub naming contest. [Photo above- right] Hamilton Zoo red panda cubs Jamuna and Tenzing