Red Panda Art for Halloween!

October 30, 2015 / 5 mins read
Red Panda Art for Halloween!

For those of you getting ready to celebrate Halloween, we have a treat for you! Artist Rhoda Lucey wants to share her step-by-step Pand-O-Lantern instructions with red panda lovers everywhere, so let’s get carving!

Red Panda Network is blessed to have so many artists as supporters who celebrate the species with all kinds of mediums. The power of art to spread awareness for endangered species is very powerful and we want to help showcase this phenomenon.

Red Panda Network first shared the image of the carved pumpkin with followers via social media channels and some crazy enthusiastic sharing ensued. Rhoda’s image was shared 460 times via Facebook at the time this blog was posted. One Twitter follower begged for the template and Rhoda generously complied! Here is the template so everyone who wants to can light up the neighborhood with red panda faces! Have fun and share your images with us for Halloween!

Pumpkin Template

About the Artist

Rhoda Lucey has been drawing since she was a young child. Her training includes various traditional art classes in middle school and high school. She obtained her Associates degree in Visual Communications with an emphasis on web design and animation, then went on to obtain a certificate in Character Animation from

Rhoda practices both traditional art – graphite pencils, colored pencils, ink, and watercolor – as well as digital painting with Photoshop and other programs. Most of all, Rhoda really enjoys drawing animals and — lucky for us, red pandas!

As a freelance artist, Rhoda has illustrated books about animals (one was done primarily with traditional media, one was almost completely with digital painting). She also likes doing her own concept art — either science fiction-oriented subjects or dragons, elves and other fantastical beings. If she’s not coming up with her own worlds and characters, she might be drawing fan art of a pre-existing fictional world (like the Star Wars Universe or Skyrim’s Tamriel).

We asked Rhoda what she hopes to achieve with her art and here’s what she said: “First and foremost to make it a habit and continue building my skills. I had actually been feeling pretty rusty the last couple of years. Life gets busy sometimes and my current job isn’t art related. Then I was inspired to start drawing Red Pandas to warm back up to drawing. You really never stop learning and developing as an artist. I think it would be great fun to illustrate books of my own one day or perhaps develop a graphic novel. I would also like to find something cool to do with what I know about animation — maybe develop a 2D short film series to put on YouTube or something along those lines.

Many thanks to Rhoda Lucey for her contribution. If you love her work, please follow her on Twitter @ArtByRhoda.