Red Panda and Pangolin Partner up on the Perfect T-shirt

August 13, 2014 / 5 mins read
Red Panda and Pangolin Partner up on the Perfect T-shirt

Red Panda Network is excited to announce our partnership with Pangolin! Pangolin is a clothing company founded on two basic principles: making unique clothing and supporting endangered animals. At least 50% of the profits are guaranteed to go directly to helping the species on the shirt. And as you can imagine, these shirts spark up interesting conversations about the endangered species they stylishly and artistically exhibit. Our hope is these conversations will raise awareness about red panda threats and status.

Red pandas proudly appear on the second T-shirt just released in Pangolin’s Summer ’14 series: meet the Red Panda on Lemon! All of Pangolin’s T-shirts have a limited print run of 500-1,000 shirts. Each T-shirt comes with a certificate of authenticity.

“We are proud to partner with Red Panda Network on this T-shirt,” says Justin Allen, the founder, lead designer and CEO of Pangolin Clothing Company. “Based out of Nepal, RPN is conducting a variety of conservation activities to preserve the population of red pandas in their natural habitat in eastern Nepal. A key part of their mission is to set up community forests with local, educated, and concerned people, who are dedicated to preserving and protecting the local population of red pandas.”

Pangolin is already committed to supporting the conservation of black rhinos and of course, pangolins, and has partnered with organizations such as the Whooping Crane Conservation Association. They are committed to designating their contributions only to reputable nonprofits and they hold themselves to the same high standards. Cherry on top? All shirts are printed by American Apparel!

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