Happy 11th Birthday to Skye, a Red Panda Hero!

November 3, 2013 / 5 mins read
Happy 11th Birthday to Skye, a Red Panda Hero!

Red Panda Network wishes Skye Slater a very Happy 11th Birthday and we want to thank Skye and honor her for her devotion to Red Panda conservation. Not only did she participate in the Red Panda Network 2013 Art Contest but she has been visiting art studios to create red panda art projects with other kids. We also acknowledge Skye for her outreach activities, such as visiting zoos to continue learning about red pandas, and last but not least, we are so grateful that Skye has donated her free time to help raise funds for International Red Panda Day 2013!

We honor Skye today for her art and for her heart. We wish Skye a joyful 11th year! And we look forward to knowing her and helping her achieve her dreams during the year ahead. Most of all, the Red Pandas in the wild forests of eastern Nepal are counting their lucky stars that a little girl in Chicago is thinking about them and finding ways to help to secure their future.

Skye with a lot of furry Red Panda