Education & Outreach

Nearly half of the people living in red panda range where we work have been reached by our education and outreach programs that raise awareness of red pandas and their urgent need for conservation. We also reach and educate people all over the world through global efforts including International Red Panda Day. 

Communities living in and around red panda habitat are often marginalized and have inadequate educational opportunities. RPN provides this education through “forest guardian” workshops where participants receive educational training about the importance of red pandas to the eastern Himalayan ecosystem.


Some workshop participants are hired as Forest Guardians who work within their communities to increase awareness of red pandas.

Red Panda Conservation Manual

We developed a red panda conservation manual and are working with schools throughout the Panchthar-Ilam-Taplejung (PIT) corridor in integrating red panda conservation education into their curriculums. We provide training for teachers on how to prepare and teach red panda conservation lessons.

Roots and Shoots Group

We work with local schools in establishing Roots and Shoots groups  and organizing mini ecotrips for students. Roots and Shoots Group students are also  supported  in publishing red panda bulletins in their schools.

Through FM radio broadcasts, red panda awareness workshops and distribution of red panda conservation posters and signs we have reached thousands of people living in Nepal’s red panda range.  

IRPD is a day of global red panda celebration and education

International Red Panda Day (IRPD) is a day of global red panda celebration and education. 100,000 visitors at more than 60 zoos worldwide also participate in what has been declared as "the most important day for red pandas."

Impact Metrics



Of people living in RPN project areas have been reached by education and outreach programs.



Students educated on red panda conservation through outreach activities in Nepal every year.



Episodes on the significance of red panda conservation aired on local radio stations.

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