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We empower local communities and officials to advocate for change in policy and government.


The Panchthar-Ilam-Taplejung (PIT) Red Panda Protected Forest is a network of Community Forests (not federally protected) that are managed by local Community Forest User Groups (CFUGs), District Forest Offices (DFOs) and municipalities. These forests are also threatened by deforestation and habitat degradation.

Support at local level government and policy levels is critical to the conservation of this important area.

RPN works with CFUGs in adopting red panda conservation measures into their operational plans in the PIT Protected Forest!


2017 elections brought decentralization—moving power from Nepal’s center to the country’s seven provinces. Now, local officials have more authority to influence environmental policy and manage of natural resources. Often, government officials prioritize infrastructure development over conservation.

RPN works to build relationships with government officials, educate them on environmental issues, and partner with them to advocate for the protection of red pandas and their habitat.

Engaging local policymakers in conservation activities helps to ensure the success and sustainability of programs. RPN achieves this through workshops where government officials are educated on the threats to red pandas in their district and discuss community-based solutions, as well as opportunities for collaboration.

Involvement Is Essential

Local representative involvement is essential for effective implementation of conservation programs and to minimize program duplication. RPN knows that our targeted conservation goals can’t be achieved unless local people themselves want to get involved and take responsibility.

This can be achieved through coordination and collaboration with local government.

Impact Metrics



Security officers attended workshops on illegal wildlife trade.



Community Forest operational plans updated with red panda conservation measures.



Local council members participated in red panda conservation workshops.

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