Help us Save the Last of the First Panda on International Red Panda Day (IRPD) 2022

Donate Your Birthday to Red Pandas!

Instead of presents, ask your friends and family for the gift of conservation. Create a campaign and ask your friends and family to support you in just minutes!

Kids, you can have your very own panda party! 

Play 'pin the tail on the panda' and more with these fun activities you can download below.


Stream for Red Pandas

Fundraise while streaming your favorite game with the following platforms:

Is there another platform you want to use? Contact us at and we'll sign up! We're also on Discord!

Carson and Carolyn

Carolyn is a hero for red pandas. She is behind the widely popular Carson the Red Panda Instagram account (Carson is a red panda at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA) and was a top fundraiser for both 2020 Run for Red Pandas and International Red Panda Day 2020. Thank you Carolyn for everything you do to raise red panda awareness and advocate for their conservation!

Help us save the red panda, today!

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