Protect Red Pandas and Restore their Habitat

Triple your impact! First Panda Challengers are matching gifts x3. 

Thank you for helping us raise $100,000 to combat deforestation and poaching! Now we're increasing our goal to $175,000 to ramp up efforts to save the endangered red panda. 

Select "Plant A Red Panda Home" or "No Panda Poaching" as designations or "where needed most" to support both!

Adopt A Panda

Give the gift of conservation for yourself or your loved one with a symbolic red panda adoption! Your donation will be matched x3 in support of Plant A Red Panda Home and No Panda Poaching!  

Thanks to supporters like you, we have planted 336,380 trees, reforesting 461 hectares of red panda habitat in Nepal since 2019. We also now have 12 anti-poaching networks in Nepal! 

The global red panda population is in decline. It is estimated that there are less than 10,000 remaining in the wild and there may be as few as 2,500. Deforestation is the #1 threat to red pandas but poaching is a growing threat to the survival of these already vulnerable populations. 

Red panda habitat in Nepal is largely unprotected and fragmented into 400 small forest patches, making it easy for local people to access and extract resources and wildlife. Poverty and misinformation among local communities — and exacerbated by the pandemic — are causing an unprecedented rise in red panda poaching in Nepal this year.

We're responding with our Plant A Red Panda Home and No Panda Poaching campaigns. 

Plant A Red Panda Home 

We are establishing a community-protected biological corridor where red pandas and other threatened species will thrive.

In 2022, we planted over 84,000 trees and purchased approximately 10 hectares – and surpassed our goal in Jaubari by planting 54,815 saplings in over 35 hectares!

Our goal is to plant 200,000 trees (that we grow in Forest Conservation Nurseries) in Nepal and restore at least 100 hectares of degraded red panda habitat in 2023! We plan to purchase 25 of these hectares. 

Learn more in Guardians of the Red Panda Part 1 and Part 2

Select the number of trees you want to plant in red panda habitat and select "Plant A Red Panda Home" as your gift designation when checking out.

No Panda Poaching

We are educating communities, providing alternative income and sustainable livelihood opportunities, and enhancing the capacity of local and national level law enforcement agencies on anti-poaching investigation skills. 

 In 2021, law enforcement officials confiscated 37 red panda pelts from poachers, the highest number to date. In 2021, we formed eight anti-poaching networks consisting of Community Forest User Group (CFUG) members, Forest Guardians, and security and forest officials, who patrolled red panda habitat in high-risk areas for poaching. The teams spent 437 hours patrolling around 197 km in 36 Community Forests.

 Support awareness campaigns and sustainable livelihood programs that empower local people and stop poaching at its source. Our goal is No panda poaching in eastern Nepal's Panchthar-Ilam-Taplejung (PIT) corridor! 

Special Thanks to our 2022 First Panda Challengers 



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