Red Panda Videos

  • You can watch videos about our work on RPN’s Video Page
  • Conserving Red Pandas in Eastern Nepal

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    Observing the Red Panda

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    Red Panda Eating Berries

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    Baby Red Panda

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    BBC Nature: Red Pandas in the Himalayan corridor. From: Land of the Tiger

    Discovery Channel “Return of the Fire Cat” – watch 3 excerpts:

    In 2006 Dr Pradhan and Team try to locate 2 Red Pandas – Mini and Sweety – released 6 months earlier in India’s Singhalila National Park on the Nepal border

    You can watch the full video here:

  • Cherub of the Mist
    One of the few documentaries on red pandas – You might find “Return of the Fire Cat” on YouTube if FactualTV is restricted in your territory