International Red Panda Day

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Help us save wild red pandas like this one that was captured for sale in Nepal. Photo: Sonam Lama, our staff member who helped with the release

Follow the lead of amazing children like Hailey Sun Smith, who inspired the Park School in Baltimore, Maryland to hold an elaborate, spontaneous International Red Panda Day celebration or Children’s book author, Leeza Hernandez, who created the newest batch of Red Panda Rangers at Westminster School in New Jersey. Join an expected 100,000 visitors at more than 40 zoos worldwide and over 1,000 students at schools in 5 states and abroad that are helping us create as many Red Panda Rangers as possible in a single day.


Hailey with her red panda, Sita

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-> Download the new 2013 activity booklet with games and educational tools to see how to participate.

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What is a Red Panda Ranger? A Red Panda Ranger is a special title given to children that help spread the word about red pandas. Look in our activity booklet to see what activities you can do for International Red Panda Day to become a red panda ranger.

Leeza Hernandez, with the Westminster Red Panda Rangers.

Contributions received from International Red Panda Day will support our red panda habitat work: research, conservation, and education, including the operation of a new community conservation center in Nepal. The Red Panda Network Community Conservation Resource Center is a community initiative located on the route to Pathibhara shrine, an important Hindu pilgrimage site on the peak of a mountain, in Taplejung district of northeastern Nepal.

The Center will be located at the crossroads of two major trekking trails, the pilgrimage trail to Pathibhara, which attracts 50,000 visitors a year, and the trekking route to Mount Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world, which attracts 2,000 foreign tourists a year.

Our plan is to begin construction of the first phase of the Center on International Red Panda Day 2013.

The goal of the Center is to educate visitors on the value of their local natural resources and the unique endangered species that call the region home, focusing on red panda. It hopes to be a demonstration site for innovative conservation technology that local villagers can implement in their own villages and homes.

You can also help by visiting one of the participating organizations listed below or contact your nearest zoo (click here » to find one that has red pandas) or school and ask them to participate. Thank You !
Follow the lead of Hailey and create International Red Panda Day in your community today. Hailey and Leeza did it at our world’s first international red panda day in 2010. You can do it now if you like. Just join in on the fun!

Campaign Details

What: International Red Panda Day

When: Saturday September 2o, 2014 11:00AM to 4:00PM (third Saturday of September every year)

Where: Check with your local zoo or school for participation details, or click on the links below for more information on current participating organizations.
If you are an organizer, Register your event.

Downloads: 2013 Activity Booklet (We’re using the same one as last year!’)
If you loved a game from the 2012 Activity Packet feel free to download those, too. (PDF English)
2012 Aktivitätspaket Roter Panda Tag (PDF German/Deutsch)

Current 2014 IRPD Participants (updated 4.15.2014)

A record number of organizations celebrated IRPD with us in 2013 - Thank You!

(Red panda fossil exhibit)

The following Organizations celebrated IRPD 2012 with us (Sep. 15, 2012 unless other date noted, alphabetical by city. Let us know if we missed one.)


Photos from International Red Panda Day 2012

Click for photos from IRPD 2012 at Kansas City Zoo

Red Panda Network supports the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity

See participating zoos and other partners at previous International Red Panda Days

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Mark your calendar for next year: IRPD 2014 is September 20, 2014