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You can have tremendous impact on the survival of the red panda by becoming a member of the Red Panda Network. Donations help fund all of our conservation, research, education, forest management, and alternative income programs including our Forest Guardian program, and the construction of a Community Conservation Center in Nepal where we will offer educational workshops for the local community.

Everyone who adopts a panda, donates $25 or more a year, or donates $5 or more a month, becomes a member. By becoming a member, you stand with us in our belief that the conservation of red pandas requires a long term commitment to long term solutions.


Donate monthly and stay a member

Membership starts at $5 a month for a year. Any donation helps! Choose your own amount.

"Suntali," Red Panda cub

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Donate and become a member

Membership starts at $25 a year. Any donation helps! Choose your own amount.

red panda etating

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 The Red Panda Times

For the following donation amounts you will receive a special ‘Thank You’ Gift:

• $75 – Get the ‘Fuji Takes a Walk’ Children’s Book
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• $100 – Get a RPN T-shirt
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Red Panda Network wants to make sure as much money as possible goes directly to saving Red Pandas. By providing the benefits of your donation online via email, we incur little to no cost and can put that money directly into conservation.

Thank you very much for considering a generous donation!