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Help spread the word with official Red Panda Network merchandise — or Adopt a Panda as a Gift ». All proceeds directly help us with our cause.

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‘Fuji Takes a Walk’ Childrens Book

Curl up with your kids for a delicious winter read about “Fuji,” the rambunctious Red Panda who loved to stroll around the San Diego Zoo with his zookeeper. This little red panda was lucky. He lived in a protected habitat and was cared for by zoo staff.   50% of the proceeds from book sales will go toward protecting Red Pandas in their natural habitat.

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“Fuji Takes a Walk” is a story told by a Zookeeper and written for children, ages one to five, by Janell Roesener. 18 pages. The illustrations by Rosi Lusardi are richly detailed, realistic, and offer the perfect introduction to this species.

"Fuji Takes a Walk" retails for $12.99 in local San Diego area book stores. Quantities are limited. Red Panda Network is currently the only reseller of this book. The advertised price of $19.99 includes $10.00 which is donated to Red Panda Network, a 501(3)c nonprofit. Packaging, shipping & handling cost are added of about $5.50. Please make an additional donation if you choose international shipping (please donate $5 or more) or contact us if you need faster courier service.
Shipping costs us about $2 more for each additional book shipped with the same order (the same shipping charges are added for technical reasons on multiple orders, so a $3 discount on the book price applies with orders of 2 or more to offset the shipping).

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Squishable Red Panda

It's a giant, round, fuzzy stuffed Red Panda you can bring home! Sold in conjunction with Squishable, this huggable fella is 15" across and provides the most pleasing squeeze imaginable!
Nuzzle some silky-soft red fur! Cuddle that sweet little face! Those adorable little white spots! That crazy stripey tail! Makes a great gift for the red panda lover in your life (even if that's you).

20% of the sale price goes to Red Panda Network conservation activities protecting the Nepali home habitat of these cuddly creatures.

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This bashful little mammal prefers a life munching on bamboo and hiding in safe, warm dens. Like your bed! Bring him in from the cold, snowy mountain and shelter him with your warm, fuzzy heart and loooove!

15 squishy inches of stripey, snuggly Red Pandamonium, poly fill. Ages 3 and up!
Click here for more huggable pictures!

Squishables are shipped directly from the manufacturer thus are shipped separately from other merchandise purchased.
Our humble system uses standard US shipping rates. Please make an additional donation if you choose international shipping:
about $10 more for First Class (5 days Canada, 21-30 days worldwide) or $30 for International Priority (7-10 days). Please contact us if you need faster courier service.

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This product has sold out.

Save Red Pandas a Coffee Cup at a time!

Start your day with a hot cup of Red Panda Coffee and support our red panda conservation work at the same time. Each time you sip on one of the delicious blends of java you're also helping our conservation work !
Production has stopped, this is the last bag we have (you might want to save the label of this collector's item if you do use it).
We raised the price with every of our last three bags; last chance to buy before it will be auctioned online this summer !

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Red Panda Coffee. Out to Save the World One Cup at a Time.
12 oz.
Red Panda Gourmet Coffee produced this delicious coffee only in 2012 and until early 2013. Last chance to score one of these unique java roasts.
Please donate $6 extra with the same checkout if you need international shipping, our system is set to a fixed domestic rate. Thanks!

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Laloo the Red Panda E-book on the iTunes app store for iPads

Laloo the Bay Area children's book app developer released their first app, Laloo the Red Panda, for the iPad. It is available in the app store.
Our Chief Executive Cuddler at Red Panda Network is pleased to have been involved from the beginning in advising on the conservation challenges the cute little Laloo faces and we're excited to bring you this cool interactive app.
Laloo LLC dona​tes 20% of each app installed to Red Panda Network​ !

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A whimsical animated children's book about a red panda cub's adventures in India.
Laloo the Red Panda is an interactive, coming of age tale about a red panda cub on a journey of self discovery in India. Laloo’s adventure begins when he escapes from Gambo, a dimwitted animal poacher, in the middle of the bustling streets of Mumbai! Laloo makes friends with a cast of lovable dogs who help him make his way through India back to his home in the Himalayas. Along the way, he learns an invaluable lesson about being true to yourself.

Fun Features include:

An educational tool to teach your child about red pandas and India! Paw prints appear throughout the book that trigger voice over facts when tapped.

An interactive bug collection! Laloo loves bugs - and you can help him find bugs hidden throughout the book

Colorful illustrations featuring recognizable scenes throughout India including Mumbai, the Ajanta Caves, and the Taj Mahal!

Fun animations and SFX that respond to your child’s touch.

A number of reading options: Read to Me, Read to Myself, or Auto Play (animations and page turns are auto-played).

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All eco-friendly RPN shirts are organic cotton, all of the Daughter Earth shirts are 70% bamboo. Why Bamboo?

  • Bamboo is sustainable. Because it is grass, once cut it can regenerate quickly without the need for replanting. It grows very densely so the yield per acre is high in comparison to cotton.
  • Bamboo absorbs 35% more carbon dioxide than equivalent stands of trees.
  • Bamboo is soft, breathable, hypo-allergenic, and grown without pesticides or fertilizers.

A $3 discount per item applies for two or more plushes or shirts ordered in the same transaction to make up for the standard shipping our system charges on each item.

International shipping
Our humble system use standard US shipping rates. Please make an additional donation if you choose international shipping.

  • For tattoos and bookmarks, $1-2 is fine.
  • For the book (or all our items to Canada) $5 extra should cover it.
  • For T-shirts, caps, and plush animals please donate about $5 for First Class (21-30 days) or $30 for International Priority (7-10 days).
  • Please contact us if you need faster courier service.



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