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Members and Donors 11/01/2013 to 12/31/2013

Alanen, Robert
Alvarez, Genevieve
Anderson, Mark
Andrews, Isabeau
Barat Varzaru, Stefan
Beer , Laurence
Besset, Guillaume
Bever, Emily
Bishop, Adam
Bjorlin, Fredrik
Bolender, Lucas
Borgen , Dylane
Boris, Joshua
Bourasseau, Tom
Bourget, Roberta
Brawner, Stefanie
Butcher, Heath
Buttifant, Esther
Carothers, Michael
Carroll, Rebecca
Castiglione, Joseph
Castillo, Ana Elena
Cavali, Philip
Chan, Elizabeth
Cheng, Christine
Cho, Esther
Christopherson, Scott
Chung, Chen-Li
Clarke, Stephen
Cole, Marie
Colling, Cindy
Copeland, Summer
Coughlin, Jacqueline
Crabbe, Edward
Crago, Darien
Crawford, Jacob
Cristol, Katie
Cristol, Katie
De Boer, Aukje
Dent, Justin
Dentice, Liz
Diaz, Amanda
Dorandeu, Alice
Drayton, Holly
Drechsler, Sarah
Dunlap, Thomas
Feichter-Huynh, Emma Susan
Figueroa, Carie
Fischer, Tyler
Fleishman, Glenn
Frauham, Heather
Funke, Michelle
Gall, Meredith
Ger, Megan
Gizzarelli, Nancy
Glenn, Rosena
Gorbet, Ashli
Grabo, Jonathan
Granzow, Russ
Greaves, Jonathan
Greer, Douglas
Guidetti, Geoff
Hale, Kara
Halstead, Nicole
Hayes, Renny
Haynes, Maren
Heffron, Laurie
Hu, Franklin
Hudson, Kennon
Hughes, Gerryh
Idskou, Brandon
Imrie, Michelle
Jamison, Beth
Janes, Lee
Jansson Högberg, Frida
Johnson, Malloy
Jones, Tracey
Kane, Angela
Kaplan, Marc
Kelly, John
Kosiedowski, Marcin
Kuhn, Stephanie
Levis, Ariel
Lieber, Gabor
Lock, Robynne
Marshall, Lincoln
Masannat, Noor
Mathers, Andrew
McLaren, Campbell
McLean, Crystal
McQuillan, Emma
Merriam, Heather
Merriman, Miranda
Metzler, Barbara
Milosev, Zala
Mitchell, Daniel
Monroy, Forrest
Moody, Christine
Mori, Naomi
Murphy, Brian
Murphy, Peter
Murray, Steve
Nash, Wayne
Nasset, Samantha
Nemecek, Julie
One, Tower
Owens, Charles
Pare, Patrick
Peden, Gillian
Peumsang, Lisa
Porter, Tim
Puente, David
Pupynina, Anastasia
Quaranto, Roseann
Rachel, Lepper
Reames, Kristina
Reed, Mark
Renshaw, Diane
Rey Martin, Amalia
Ribeiro, Lino
Richards, Kathryn and Matt
Roberts, Heather
Rutili, Julie
Schaffner, Don
Schöftenhuber, Kathrin
Searcy, Benjamin
Serrano, Nathan
Seybold, Caroline
Slater, Niall
Smallenbroek, Astrid
Snyder, Michael
Sommerfeld, Colette
Sproul, Stephanie
Stott, Charles
Stroeber, Monika
Surman, Ian
Tautphaus Park Zoo, City of Idaho Falls
Thomson, Ann
Turner-Neal, Chris
Uliana, Francesco
Volpi, Alex
Walker, Anthony
Walker, Ian
Walsh, Hannah
Walters, Marlo
Wilkinson, Joel
Willey, Heather
Williams, Brian
Wong, Joanna
Woodard, Cameron
Worrall, Kristy
Wu, ChaoChung
Ziegler, Wolfgang-Christian
Ziesenitz, Sara Beth

Red Panda Kids

While completing our Red Panda Ranger challenges, Miya Ruane was inspired to create her own red panda organization just for kids. Miya and her friend Sima raised and donated $140 to Red Panda Network from a lemonade stand! Red Pandas are Miya’s favorite animal and she has traveled around the country visiting them whenever and wherever she can.

Visit Miya’s website at RedPandaKids.org!

The Change Project

Year 9 students at Glen Waverly Secondary School in Melbourne, Australia participated in The Change Project as part of their humanities class. The objective was to find an issue affecting them, on any scale, from a student body, to a suburb or the world. They had to be proactive and create a change on the issue, whether to raise awareness or actually do something to help lessen the impact of it. Aditi Kutty, Cathy Park and Tiffany Goh selected Endangered Species as their issue, and from there focused on helping out the Red Panda which eventually led them to the Red Panda Network. Aditi, Cathy and Tiffany made a difference in red panda conversation by raising money from door-knocking, distributing awareness cards and donating it to RPN, adopting a Red Panda named Pinju in the process.

Earth Saver’s Club for Kids

The Earth Saver’s Club for Kids was founded by the Holland sisters, Kylie, Devon and Piper, to educate, encourage and develop young leaders in global conservation.


Click here to read an article about the Earth Saver’s Club for Kids in the The Almanac (September 8, 2010 issue, Page 3).

Click here to read an article written by Devon for e-magazine B’Tweens.

We’d like to be on Oprah as she could really help make it go fast but for now we are doing it one kid at a time and through emails and my parents’ friends here and in other states and countries. Most kids don’t have email so we have to send notes to their parents to help them get online.

Juliette West

Juliette West is supporting us for International Red Panda Day. See her blog at www.juliettespeaks.org

This blog is about my passion for elephants. My focus has been to learn about their treatment and well being. My goal is to accumulate knowledge and to share and educate everyone about the wonderful and sometimes cruel treatment of elephants occurring around the world.

Oakland Zoo

Open daily 10:00am to 4:00pm

9777 Golf Links Road | Oakland, CA 94605
(510) 632-9525 ext. 100

The Oakland Zoo is a HUGE supporter and fan of the Red Panda Network! Why? They are truly providing a holistic approach to conservation of this beautiful animal, which is THE ONLY WAY IT WORKS! From education and awareness of the general public through lectures, events, eco-trips and more, to working with the people of Nepal and other countries that hold red panda habitat, they teach the world about this unique species. Add on fund raising, research with locals and development of ways for local communities to support themselves, the Red Panda Network is a powerful force in doing good. Most importantly, I look good in their soft, bamboo red panda t-shirts. Red Panda Network. you have our full support! – Amy Gotliffe, Conservation Manager

Rob Caughlan

Rob is an advisor of Red Panda Network. He is an independent public relations and advertising professional in the San Francisco Bay Area. He built a 40 year career as a champion environmental protection and political action. His experience as a campaign professional and work in the government has contributed media and political savvy to the sometimes politically unsophisticated environmental movement. His passion as an environmental activist comes from his love of the ocean. He was the first President of the Surfrider Foundation where under his leadership the organization won the second largest clean water action in American history. He also co-founded Friends of the River. His latest television documentary, “Pete McCloskey- Leading from the Front” is about the founder of the first Earth Day. Paul Newman tells the story. It will be seen on PBS stations this summer and fall.

I think the Red Panda Network is a perfect example of Professor Rene Dubos’ great environmental maxim, “Think Globally. Act Locally.” They help educate people all over the world about the beautiful little “firefox”. And they coordinate the local action with a team of workers deep in the bamboo forests of Nepal.


Online College Degrees

Thank you Online College Degrees for selecting Red Panda Network and featuring us as one of the Top 5 Animal Preservation Blogs! Read the article below to see if your other favorite animal websites made it to their list.

100 Best Animal Preservation Blogs

Tom Hadley Wildlife Photography

Tom Hadley is a photographer based in Southampton, Hampshire, UK specializing in wildlife and nature photography of both UK and exotic species and locations. He has a special passion for endangered species and works extensively providing images for wildlife and conservation NGOs. He is a keen supporter of the Red Panda Network and is proud to support them in aiding their campaigns, fund-raising and efforts to raise awareness. Proceeds from sales of his red panda photos will be donated to Red Panda Network.


Lindsey Hager and Trey Moore

Lindsey Hager – Singer/Songwriter – Is currently on a national tour with country artist Colt Ford. Lindsey, who has her debut Pop/Rock album releasing soon has already begun to make a national name for herself bringing crowds to roars and cheers with her vocal abilities and stunning looks to match. Lindsey fell in love with Red Pandas from the moment that she saw one playing at the Nashville Zoo. Having adopted Bhim from the Red Panda Network, she now uses her travels to help spread awareness and visit other red pandas. Follow Lindsey on her fan page.

Trey Moore – Actor/Model/Author – Is currently putting final touches on his first national book release, “Power Lines in the Rain” (and yes….there is indeed a Red Panda cameo in the story). Trey has also been busy lately being named one of Zappos.com‘s new male models. Trey has walked in countless runway shows in 2010, including a Ralph Lauren underwear show. Trey has also appeared on several TV commercials and has begun the unwinding process of a career that will leave the possibilities endless. Trey first discovered Red Panda’s while using Mozilla’s Firefox several years ago (Trey is a bit of a computer nerd as well) and has had a fondness for them ever since. More information regarding Trey can be found at his website, www.TreyMoore.com.

Lindsey and Trey have traveled the nation and had incredible opportunities to visit many zoos to see Red Pandas. Recently they had the honor and pleasure of visiting a zoo in Trey’s hometown for an up close and personal visit with their Red Pandas. They are equally excited to celebrate International Red Panda Day and hope that they can continue to spread awareness.

Save FlashForward

Founded by a group of dedicated fans of the canceled ABC show, Save FlashForward is campaigning to bring the show back for a second season. On the show, the red panda is the emblem of a fictional humanitarian network, Red Panda Resources. Save FlashForward has generously decided to save wild red pandas while also saving their show. The group has raised money to adopt several red pandas and purchase mugs to send to ABC executives. They have also created a press release to mention Red Panda Network and its efforts.

Save FlashForward
Bring FlashForward Back on Facebook
Follow @OurFlashForward on Twitter
Flash Forward Tumblr Blog


Leeza HernandezLittle Firefox children’s author and illustrator. 100% of profits from these red panda buttons designed by Leeza will be donated to Red Panda Network. Check out more of Leeza’s work on her website at www.leezaworks.com and LeezaWorks on Etsy

Linda Riebel - The Earth Friendly Food Chain author

Emily MoraRed Panda Discovery children’s author

Red Panda Diaries

“I first came across a red panda while visiting the Philadelphia Zoo and immediately fell in love with its cute little face and bushy tail. Ever since then I have dragged my husband to many zoos to see them and accumulated quite an assortment of stuffed animals and collectibles. I would like more people to learn about red pandas and how to help them and other endangered animals. My other interests are photography and crafts, especially scrapbooking and needlecrafts.” - Meredith

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