Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Involved

How can I contribute to Red Panda Network?
The easiest way to contribute to RPN is by donating. No amount is too big or too small – we appreciate any amount that can go towards our cause. In addition, all proceeds from adopting a panda or purchasing items in our store goes towards our efforts. And don’t forget, we’re always looking for people to join our team, come to our events, and spread the word to their communities.

What are ways I can let people know about RPN online?
You can become our fan on Facebookfollow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our YouTube channel. You can also share individual articles using the social media tools located at the top of each page.


Will you come to my event?
Red Panda Network attends as many events as possible around the San Francisco Bay Area. Please send your requests to info@redpandanetwork.org.

How can I request a lecture?
Please send your requests to  info@redpandanetwork.org.

How can I encourage my child to get involved?
See our For Kids page for activities that you can print out, and information on how your child can become a Red Panda Ranger. Encourage them to research Red Pandas for school and use our zoo locator to find your closest zoo with red pandas. Most of all, be creative! We’ve had an overwhelming response from kids who have found interesting ways to help spread the word of red pandas.


Am I allowed to use the Red Panda Network logo?
Yes, we encourage supporters to use our logos to help our cause. Please let us know when you do. For logo files and advice on how to use them, please contact us at info@redpandanetwork.org.


Where does my money go?
80% of your donations go directly to supporting our conservation efforts around the world. This includes employing forest guardians to monitor their community forests and educate their community forest users about red panda, supporting medicinal plant growing, livestock management and reforestation, research, building a stronger transboundary network across all countries where red pandas live. The other 20% supports our administrative costs in the United States and Nepal.

Why does it take so long for my product to arrive?
Please remember that RPN is a volunteer run organization. We are trying our best to fulfill all of your requests as soon as we can. Most shipping is done through our product partners so times may be longer, due to our efforts to keep our overhead and shipping costs low.

Financial Information

Are you a non-profit? Do you have a financial statement with your operational/fundraising costs?
RPN earned the GuideStar Exchange SealYes. Our federal Tax and Employer Identification Number is 26-1103671. We became an independent US 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization in September 2010. Previously, we were financially managed as a project of the Earth Island Institute. You can find their financial information here. Our independent tax reports since 2010 are published by the IRS and GuideStar, where we earned the GuideStar Exchange Seal, demonstrating commitment to transparency.

Website Information

I noticed a problem with the website. Who can I contact?
You can contact our webmaster at webmaster@redpandanetwork.org. We greatly appreciate any notifications on broken links, expired information, etc.

I’m a supporter of Red Panda Network. Can I be featured on your site?
Of course! We love hearing from our supporters. Please send us your request to webmaster@redpandanetwork.org. Be sure to include your name, a description of what you did to help Red Panda Network, and a photo (if available).

Question not here?

Please contact us here. We will gladly answer any questions you may have.